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Where is the CVV code on the map and how to find it?

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Where is the CVV code on the map and how to find it?

Notapor carder-shop.cc » 07 Mar 2019, 19:56

CVV2 is located on the back of the card, on the line where the client's signature should be. It is located on the right under the magnetic tape and contains 3 digits. If there are more numbers in this place, only the last three should be taken into account. This will be your security code on the card Note: not always CVV can be found on plastic. Also, the method of its application – indent printing is not too reliable, so the numbers are erased over time. However, the lack of information on the surface of the map does not mean that there is no verification code. It is automatically created when you make a credit card. If the cherished numbers are not on the plastic, you can find them in online banking.
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